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APPLIQUÉS ON WOOD We offer various types of upholstered appliqués on wood. They serve as decorative elements of both deluxe armchairs and simple chairs.
PLYWOOD ELEMENTS FOR CHAIRS We manufacture wooden elements fixed to metal frames of chair. The range of products includes many models of ergonomically profiled seats and backrests, bent and glued profiles and armrests.
seats and backrests
ARMRESTS Used for armchairs and chairs, also upholstered. Bent and glued profiles for chairs
TYPES OF BENT AND GLUED PROFILES Various types of bent and glued profiles for varnished and upholstered furniture.
LAYER-GLUED BENT FRAMES FOR ARMCHAIRS The range of our products also includes seats fixed on a wooden frame. Contrary to metal frames, the natural and agronomical wooden frames are more durable and long lasting.
 X wooden frame
SIDE PANELS FOR UPHOLSTERED FURNITURE To underline the natural and comfortable character of the furniture we manufacture side panels for sofas (various sizes, colours and designs) as finishing elements for upholstered furniture.